Age of Rem-UMC Brimsdown Head Stamps


Can anybody help with a fairly accurate date on these head stamps. All the cartridge cases are from Brimsdown, Enfield, London.

Item 1;

Item 2

Item 3 (the odd one out)




Hello Eightbore,
According to the Remington history:
“In November, 1946, Remington closed the Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Company, Ltd., a wholly-owned English subsidiary. This subsidiary operated a shotshell loading plant at Brimsdown, England. Operations consisted of loading empty paper shotshells, imported from the parent company, with powder and other components. This company also handled importation of rimfire and centerfire ammunition and sporting firearms from the U.S.”

I don’t have a date when the Brimsdown plant opened, but I’m guessing before the 1912 Rem-UMC merger.
I’m guessing these headstamps date between 1912 and 1946.
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Hi Brian,

Thanks for that, I am trying to get a narrower date range (if there is one), the reason being the third head stamp I posted comes from a gunmaker’s case and I am trying to tie down the dates for them.

I take it you know that when they closed down operations in the UK all of their remaining stock of cases etc. was passed over to Hull Cartridge Company who continued loading them, by then the cases being used were Peters Victor Head Stamped. Who at that time were still part of Turners Carbides Ltd.



Remington’s English loading factory near Enfield in Middlesex. established in 1913, in operation until 1946. *see full history article by Dale Hedlund in IAA/378.
*checklist of all Brimsdown shotshells in IAA/447. *for a run of their adds from 1925 to 1939 see the ACCA/142.
Jim Buchanan


1926 Made in USA added to headstamp


Ah, that’s helpful. The Case Made In USA was added in 1926.