Age of Sako Box

I got this from my shooting club today, someone shot all the rounds it held while I was there. I got one case, they are headstamped “SAKO .243”. I kept it because it looked quite old. It must be post 1965 as it has the keep out of reach of children warning. How old is it? There are no lot numbers that I can see so there is no chance of date codes. This looks to me like the style of packaging that items sold in the UK in the 1970s and 80s came in.





It looks like you’re getting no response to your question.

I really can’t answer your question either. I know from experience that the SAKO orange and white boxes were still being used in the mid 1980’s so that box is most probably from the period you suggested - 1965 to 1980s.

BTW Falcon, do not use the term “quite old” together with “post 1965”. There are some Forum members who were already quite old in 1965 (not me of course) who may take umbrage. :) :) :)

I’m only kidding you, of course. To you, 1965 must seem medieval.


Gareth - sorry I didn’t answer this. Was involved in answering “off Forum” inquiries for cartridge headstamp ID from BATFE locally, and for the Georgia (former USSR Republic, not American State) Crime lab.

Firstly, you really know how to hurt us fogies. Why don’t you just crush the life out of us? Just kidding, like Ray. It is great to have a young man like you in the hobby, especially one who is definitely going to become one of the most knowledge among us as time goes on. However, I got my second Honorable Discharge from the Army in 1964, so I can’t think of a box from the 1980s being “old.”

You and Ray both, naturally, were right on in your assesment of when that box was made. It is from the 1980s. It is shown pictured in catalogs I have dated 1982, 1983. 1991 and 1996. That is not to say it wasn’t used earlier than 1982 or after 1996. I don’t have any catalog showing a box label before 1982 nor one showing labels dated after 1996.

John “El Viejo” Moss

Thanks for your help Ray and John. Yes this does seem old to me. I was born in '91 and th earliest thing I can remember is sitting in London Heathrow airport on my second birthday in '93 waiting for a plane to fly out to Canada with my mum, dad and younger brother. I also remember stuff from the trip. This thing looks “quite old” to me, compared to all the fancy modern packaging I am used to seeing, not just on cartridges, but on everything. I knew it must be before c.1997 as the box has no website addresses anywhere on it.

Ha Ha!

I’m almost 39 years old and I would have called it “old” too!

Falcon, You were born in the year I received my “baptisim of fire” during
"Desert Storm".

You are a “young pup”, even to a barely middle aged guy, but I recognize your enthusiasim and quest for knowledge and applaud you for it.