Age of this DWM .22LR box?


Has anybody any advice on how to prevent the crumbling of the projectiles? Wax? Tia.



The only way to preserve them without actually altering them is to put the whole thing into a tight nitrogen (or argon or any inert gas) filled vessel, I think. I’ve seen this headstamp before, but it it supposed to be, a bomb or a sun?


Vlad–The headstamp is a bomb. If I remember correctly, in the DWM catalogs it is referred to as “Marke Bombe”


This box was produced between 1933 and before WWII by DWM (Deutsche Waffen Munitionsfabriken) for domestic German use. As Ron mentioned the headstamp is indeed a bomb.


This may help specify it more closely - the DWM logo (on the packet) was first shown in 1937 DWM catalogs and I believe on pkts at the same time. So likely 1937-WW2.


Would it not be useful to know whether the cartridge cases are copper or copper clad steel? Jack


I’d say copper since they are not magnetic.