Age of this Dynamit AG box of .22 short?


Contents of an old rifleman’s gunsafe :-)
BTW: is there a published reference on older european .22 boxes?



This box is listed in the Dunn “22 Boxes of the World” as a prewar issue made by Nobel. Made between 1931 and 1937. It’s listed as Dunn# NOBEL-3 S-1. I don’t know if the 531 can be interrupted as May 1931??


I thought that the known RWS packet codes imply that 61MB = 21march1957 ?
The format 61MB is post 1950 and the Company title implies 1952-1961 which supports the date.


I was just guessing. I never knew how to interrupt those codes. That would be a good project for someone…


It is from the same box of surplus as the ICI/Eley .22LR so the late 50’s date fits.
Thanks for info.