Age of Winchester box?

Good morning. From what year does this Winchester box date? It’s a full box. Some cartridges are showing serious neck cracks and two have broken apart.

The numbers 2468 12-14
Could indicate Lot 2468,
DECEMBER, 1914…just an educated guess.
“Full Patch” aka Full Metal Patch aka Full Metal Jacket, was a common use term pre - WWI.
Both Winchester and Remington were big producers of 7mm for the Latin American armies.
The diction about rifles and Colt
Automatic Machineguns indicates a Military Purpose… Colt M1895, therefore wellbefore Browning etc.
Doc AV

Thank you, that makes sense.

2468 is the File Code for the label. 12-14 is the date the label was adopted for use or indicates the date of the most recent change to the label. So, this box dates from December, 1914 or later. I have not observed these white 7 x 57 boxes with a date other than 12-14. They were almost certainly for a military contract for a nation that used this caliber. Almost all of them contain cartridges that have corrosion issues.

I vaguely recall reading somewhere that these WRACo boxes and those made by Remington-UMC were contracted ammunition that were not delivered for whatever reason (perhaps the start of WW1).

As a result they are probably the most common ‘vintage’ two piece boxes of ammunition that are encounter in this country. Whose collection doesn’t have or hasn’t had at least one of these boxes of WRACo and/or REM-UMC 7mm Mauser cartridges. Full wood crates of these are not too uncommon.