Aguila .45 ACP IQ

Just found this box of Aguila Ammunition and it claims to be “THE FIRST INTELLIGENT BULLET” Reading the box there is no reason or explanation as to why or how it is intelligent. It is a very light big 117 gr. Hollow Point.

Any comment Matt?

It’s a fragmenting hollow point, similar to the Triton Quick-shok, but lighter, made of some zinc mixture. It splits into 3 pieces, plus a fourth base section upon penetrating soft targets, but could supposedly collapse in and stay together through hard targets. The results varied widely as to fragmenting, with erroneous early reports of it being able to penetrate Kevlar (this happened a lot back then to things like the Geco Action-1 and the Winchester Black Talon), but it could not. Usually when shot into soft media it had decent fragmentation as to be expected, but nothing quite as precise or predictable as the current incarnations of this design which are the SCHP fragmenting bullets from Lehigh Defense and Cutting Edge.

These also came in .40S&W & 9mm. I have seen 50rd .45acp boxes from Aguila marked differently as “High Performance”, but they are the same IQ bullet

Thanks, I just could not figure out the intelligent connection.