AGUILA 9M/M PAP and INDUMIL 9M/M PAP headstamps


A friend recently sent me the following photo of these two headstamps pointing out the similarity between the two. I have had both headstamps for many years but had not noticed how similar they actually are. My records indicate the INDUMIL round dates from about 1980. Notes on other Indumil rounds through the early-1990s indicate they were made by FN, MEN and DAG. Others appear to be contract headstamps, but I have not identified the manufacturer. These include “IM CAL 9MM”.


The AGUILA round dates from about 1975 (the date I found it) but both rounds could date from the same time. I wonder if the Indumil round was made by Aguila? Or, perhaps both were made by some other company.

If anyone has additional information or insights, I would appreciate it.

Does anyone know why 9 M/M PAP instead of 9 M/M PAR???

There is another Indumil headstamp reported with headstamp “INDUMIL 9MM NATO” . If anyone has a photo of this headstamp or a round or a fired case, I would appreciate knowing what it actually looks like.



Lew you know this head stamp?


Lew, it is not explained on the box, but “PAP” could be an acronym for “Pistola Automática Parabellum”. Both headstamps look like made by CDM.



When these headstamps first showed up the conventional wisdom (which is frequently wrong) was that it was a headstamp error. When the Aguila headstamp also showed up I dismissed the idea of an error.

I agree that the Indumil round is almost certainly a contract load by Aguila.

Does anyone have any information on the reported “INDUMIL 9MM NATO” headstamp???

It seems that many of the Indumil 9x19mm rounds I have were contract loads made by other manufacturers. Dose anyone know when Indumil began making their own ammunition. Perhaps they produced some ammunition like 39-06 but contracted for other calibers like 9x19mm. Is there more information available on Indumil production?

Their website doesn’t provide a history as far as I can tell. Wikipedia provides the following which implies they always produced their own ammunition.

> Indumil
> Indumil (a portmanteau of the Spanish words Industria Militar, Military Industry) is a Colombian based military weapons manufacturer. The company is run by the Colombian government.
> Indumil was originally known as National Workshop of Mechanic Arts. (Taller Nacional de Artes Mecanicas). It was founded in 1908 as a dependency of the Ministry of War. The institution was renamed Indumil in 1954 as an autonomous organisation.
> In 1954 Indumil’s main facilities were opened. Its first factory named General Jose Maria Cordova was intended to produce small arms and ammunition. This facility is located in Soacha Cundinamarca In 1955 a second facility was set up under the name Santa Barbara. This second unit makes heavy munitions and artillery equipment for Colombian military forces…
> In the year 1964 an explosives factory under the name Antonio Ricaurte was inaugurated. In 1968 this facility became an integral part of Indumil.
> During the 80s and 90s the Colombian government started a commercial relationship with Israeli Military Industries. Through a staged process Indumil developed licensed production of IMI Galil rifles for the use of the Colombian military.
> Ammunition
> • 5.56x45mm SS109 NATO
> • 7.62x51mm M80 NATO
> • .38 SPL
> • .32 L
> • 9 mm NATO
> • 7.65 mm
> • 12 gauge
> • 16 gauge
> • 20 gauge
> The 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm are also produced in all their variations such as tracer and blank cartridges

Any help appreciated.