Aguila Manufacture Dates


Aguila’s rimfire ammunition lot numbers, since at least 2007, are simply the date plus three digits. Aguila’s recent centerfire ammunition lot numbers, however, are in a number of different formats containing two dates, which I presume to be the loading date and the date the cases were manufactured.

  1. Rimfire
    Aguila’s rimfire lot numbers are numerical containing the two-digit day, two-digit month, and last two digits of the year, followed by three unknown digits. With any other manufacturer those three digits would be the line number that ammo rolled off of. Here are examples:
    050907033 (5 September 2007, a Wednesday)
    101207013 (10 December 2007, a Monday)
    220709039 (22 August 2009, a Monday)
    141209015 (14 December 2009, a Monday)
    270110007 (27 January 2010, a Wednesday)
    310110006 (31 January 2010, a Sunday)
    280310002 (28 March 2010, a Sunday)
    090410001 (9 April 2010, a Friday)
    181010011 (18 October 2010, a Monday)
    200911014 (20 September 2011, a Tuesday)
    290212068 (29 February 2012, a Wednesday)

What I take away from these are that Aguila lot numbers contain the manufacture date in day/month/year format and they work Monday thru Sunday. In contrast, Brazil’s CBC lot numbers equate to only Monday thru Friday.

  1. Centerfire
    A. 9mm Luger lot number examples:
    10HZ029MM RMC

9MM124GN 14-EZ-2

9mmLUGER124g 07-VZ-1
29JZ019MM CBP*

291010002 RMC

In the first example, presuming 24-HZ and 10HZ are dates and the dates are in day/month/year order, 24-HZ is 14 days after 10HZ. In the second, 14-EZ is 2 days after 12EZ. In the third, 07-VZ is at least 7 days after 29JZ. Apparently its the 7th of month “V” after the 29th of a preceding month “J”. Aguila 9mm Luger ammunition seems to be loaded relatively soon after the cases are manufactured. In the fourth example we have a date 291010 (29 October 2010), at least 28 days prior to 26-IJ. Seems “I” is a month soon after October and J is likely 2010 or 2011.

B. 45 Auto lot number examples:

12IJ0145A RRR

121110004 CRG

23NOV1145 CRG

14/03/010 CRG

Again presuming 17-IJ and 12IJ are dates, in the first example 17-IJ is 5 days after 12IJ. In the second example, 08IJ is the 8th of some month and some year after 121110 (12 November 2010). In the 9mm Luger examples, 26-IJ was after 291010. In the third example we have an unambiguous date of 23NOV11, and 17-VZ is the 17th of some month and some year after it. Finally, in the fourth example, we have an ambiguous date 14/03/010 sometime before 07-TZ.

C. Other Aguila lot number examples:

  1. From a 30 Carbine box with printing date 05/10 with label:
    30CAR. 03-OZ-1
    290410026 CBP

under the label:
30CAR. 13-EF-3
05061004 FCS

  1. From another 30 Carbine box with printing date 05/10:
    30CAR .14-TZ-1
    210410 APM

  2. From a 223 Remington box:
    223REM 11-HZ-2
    220312003 MUM

  3. From a 40 S&W box:
    40.SW .08-NA-2
    111010004 AMD

  4. From a 38 Super box:
    38SEP.AP. 27-ZA-3
    08102010 SBE

  5. From three Aguila-made PMC boxes:

  6. From three older Aguila boxes:
    2006200834 (?20 June 2008, line 34?)

So what’s it all mean? In Aguila centerfire lot numbers there are two dates, presumably the loading date and the earlier case manufacture date. The reason for two dates: cases produced in a single batch on one date might be loaded in several lots on different dates later. The date format is two-digit day, single letter for month, followed by a single letter for year. What letter equals what month or year I haven’t figured out yet. I know of seven month letters (D, E, H, J, O, T, and V) that precede year “Z”. But year “Z” might be 2012 or a year running from July 2011 to June 2012.

Bottom line: I need more Aguila centerfire lot numbers.


Seven hours after starting this thread I came up with two more significant Aguila centerfire lot numbers:

  1. A 9mm Luger/115gr bullet box:
    21ABRI39C CRG

  2. A 45 Auto box:
    29090911 AMD

With Abril being Spanish for April, the first box’s 21ABRI39C is 21 April of some year. When a date is followed by 1, 2, or 3, from what I’ve seen with other manufacturers, that is presumably the work shift. Often this earlier date field is then followed by the caliber, i.e. 45A, 9MM, making me think it’s the case manufacture date. The second box’s lot number equating to 29 September 2009 is in a totally different format from those that follow. I should also mention that the two or three letters after the date group, i.e. CRG, I presume to be the initials of somebody responsible for the contents of the box – operator, inspector, shift supervisor, boss, etc.