Ahhh...home again!

Long time coming, glad to be back. I hope this works well for a long time.
FYI, I changed my name from “Jon C.” to “jonnyc”, more in line with all the other sites I frequent.
Thanks Chris, and all others, for getting this back for us.

Let the cartridge talk commence!!!

Have we been off line? I was taking a nap.

Let’s see, where were we? Oh yeah, we were talking about the 9mm Para. ;) ;)

Thank goodness for Chris B.


Nice to read you again guys !

Pivi is back

spread the word that the forum is back. go go go!

Ye har, as you Colonials would say, the forum is back.

Great work Chris and everyone who fixed the forum and server!

I see that spaces are no longer allowed in user names apparently? I just put the 2 pieces of my name together. Also, so I am understanding this right; the archived posts are accessible by clicking on any given user’s post history?

Does the search engine still find old posts? The past 3 years of posts were like a veritable encyclopedia of information with photos, hopefully they can be looked up somehow. I know doing Google searches will work for a while if you use the right oddball keywords and click on “cache” on the results which Google finds.

Thanks again everyone!

Correct. Spaces are no longer allowed in users names. We had a few too many people not realizing they added two spaces to their user name when they registered and then shoot of nasty grams to me about something being wrong. So, to fix it… NO SPACE. :)

The search engine searches all posts. If anyone knows about phpbb, it was the search index that was one of my major headaches in tryng to bring the forum back online. The forum’s search engine should work even better now.

Not sure about your post history question. ALL old posts are attributed to historian due to the loss of all registered user data. It’s like at the post office if everyone ripped addresses off the envelopes; we had all the letters, but didn’t know where to send them or who sent them.

Woohoo! VERY happy that it’s back. Great work Guys.

It was a long time. But worth the wait. Glad to see Ray woke up. Yo! RAY! Sup?

Spent my off time over at BOCN, as I mentioned in my original note after the Grand Reopening. Another superb site, for those with additional interests. Experts galore with something for everyone. Some of my expanded collection and points of interest visited during an extended holiday in the UK are pictured over there.

Thanks much to everyone who expended efforts in renewing and improving the Forum.

thank goodness !11!!
I’ve been checking the website every day for what feels like months

Great work that we are back !!!

gyrojet is home

I was new before, and I guess I am again. I was ‘theotherTexasRich’ before. I went ahead and got friendlier with y’all.

…and if you thought all was safe and that nasty Dutch guy wouldn’t find it…

…He’s back as well :)

Great that the forum is working again.
I’ll soon post some pictures from the International ECRA show in Holland
this weekend. Another great show. More to come soon


still looking for those odd 30-06’s

Now, where was I…?

Good to be back guys, I hope you missed me as much as I missed you. A quick headcount now so stand still while I see who’s here. Anybody seen Falcon yet?

Falcon5NZ is back but dunno bout Falcon.
Thank god for the IAA forum. (Mind you I just got over the withdrawal symptoms!!!)

Thanks guys.


Falcon posted a question in the Tech area, so he’s found the place.

Hi, All…Glad we are back up and running…Since we have a brand new forum, (Thanks much ChristopherB and all others who made it possible), I changed my user name to 30army…I am sure many of you will know exactly who it is…Hint…Initials are Randy Hedeen…

Thanks to all who worked on the forum’s rebirth. Looking forward to learning more about this ammunition stuff…


great job guys good to see every one coming back