Air Crew Gunner's Manual 1944


I still have not given up and hope someone else may also post some documents of interest:

This is what I call a “beautyfull” document. … 4.pdf.html


EOD - Thanks for posting this. It is a great manual for the aircraft 50s. I, of course, printed out the entire manual. Now I have to go out and buy a binder to keep it in.

How long does it take you to scan and post a manual like this? On my scanner, it would take me more than a full, eight hour working day!

John Moss


This one I have not scanned myself but you are right it is quite time consuming business.
The advantage over Xerox copies is that it will never loose the quality, it is in color and for free except the time you have invested once.

And last but not least you can share it with others just pressing some buttons and not even leaving the office - I wish more peole would do.


EOD–Ok, I have a 250 page document scanned into a file that now contains 250 .JPG images. How do I convert this file to a .PDF file? When I try to import the file into my word processor (which has a .PDF publishing option) I get a bunch of thumbnail images. Yes, I can then enlarge each image to full size pages, but that is a lot of work. Is there a way to import them as full size images? I use Wordperfect but I think the process would be the same for Word or other major programs.


No problem if PDF does not work. Just take the folder with the images and right click on it, then choose the option “ZIP file”. It will create a new ZIP-folder which you can easily upload to rapid share etc… Everyone using Windows can unzip it then on his PC with one mouse click.


EOD–The option to make a .PDF file works fine. The problem is how to import the .JPG files into the word processor in a full page format so each image does not need to be enlarged individually.

Could you outline the step-by-step procedure you use to go from a document to the link to download it?


Ron, no problem at all.

  1. get the document into a ZIP or PDF format
  2. go to this website: (100MB max file size)
  3. there click on “browse” and choose the file you want to upload
  4. then click on “upload”
  5. wait till the status bar has become all blue and the figures show 100% then the screen says something like “file uploaded”, on the bottom of the page there will be a sentence like, “I do not want to register, just give me the download link”, there you cklick (info shows up). You will get two links. One (upper) is the download link which you just copy and paste to this forum for example (so we can download it). The second one is the killcode to delete the document once you want it (just click on it and the file is gone - so be carefull), please copy and save both into a word file you save away somewhere on your computer.
  6. that’s it

I personnally have a word file and in there a table where I do put in all links I have uploaded. There I have also a column for date of upload, download link, title and one for the kill code
If the file you have uploaded is not accessed by anyone for more than 30-40 days it gets deleted automatically.

With the PDF issue I’m actually not of much use since I allways leave the documents as single images (I personnally prefer it like that) and never had to mess with PDFs. So the only way I can help is as above described with the ZIP system (or RAR if you have the compressing program).