Air rifle pellets

Anyone collect these?
Looking for pellets that match these two requirements:

  1. At least one component is non-spherical
  2. At least one component is not lead

Primarily looking for ferrous pellets (can be attracted by a magnet). I’m thinking older sabot type pellets and darts.

Prometheus, a British (England) make / made a copper washed lead round nose bullet with a flattened tip, and a waisted body composed of white plastic. Also in other variations of shapes and just lead with the plastic body.
Lots of other makers (in USA, Britain, Germany, & Japan) made waisted shaped projectiles.

Thanks, I appreciate the tip, I will check out Prometheus.

I used ( with bad results) the Prometheus in my Diana rifle .They have a pointed tip of heavy alloy ( doesn’t look as lead , it is too bright .Will check with a magnet) and a plastic black sabot

Are you looking for the entire box or a few samples only?


If I remember right, those prometheus pellets were designed for use in air guns with a power of over 12 ft/lbs. These types of air guns are in the same category as cartridge firing weapons in the UK and are subject to similar excessive regulations. The pellets apparently have trouble stabilinsing when fired at the velocities that airguns that can be legally bought without any license can generate.

My rifle generates vastly more power than 12 ft/lbs ( You must have a permission to buy it , such as any other gun) .I found that the Prometheus penetrates very well into wood or light metal ,but doesn’t perform well on target . I use very heavy ( about 10 grains) pointed pellets designed for powerful air rifles with superb results on target and “domestic varmint” ( crows & rats)

An interesting merging of these Prometheus Air-gun pellets and a real powder-propelled cartridge was the “High-Perf” from Senix in France. These were the aluminum tip Prometheus projectiles and were essentially merged into CCI “Stinger” 22LR projectiles. Apparently they could penetrate a few layers of Kevlar. These were only around for 2 or 3 years apparently:




I found I still have these kicking around. All are attacted by a magnet. Apologies for the poor photo, my camera is not capable of close up images.


The single dart (.177) I think is 1950’s. Looks like a copper washed steel dart.

The galvanised steel darts (.177) are late 1970’s. If I recall correctly they were from Milbro. (Millard Bros, in Lanarkshire) These have seen some use and might have the odd scratch and dinged point.

The plastic fletchette type darts are circa +/- 1980. If I recall correctly they were from Sussex Armoury, in East Sussex. The dart looks like copper washed steel. These have also been used, but appear undamaged. There are two .177 and the others are .22. Again if I recall correctly they came in packets of 12, a clear plastic bubble on a card backing.

The Prometheus pellet (.22) is also circa +/- 1980. The head is steel (stainless?) with an opaque plastic skirt.

If this lot are of interest pm me with an offer, and they could be yours. (I’m in UK)

There were a few “killer” pellets around in the 1980s as I recall. Most made claims they couldn’t live up to and faded away again out of sight.

As I recall, Armourer posted a year or so back about the LEM pellet mould which cast a pointed hollow base air pellet. I don’t know the post can be retrieved now.

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Ron, thanks for that. If anyone is interested they can searh for LEM and it brings up a picture of the mould and that should be enough to satify their interest.
I notice that once you get into the archive file its hard to get out and I had to log out of the forum and log back in. Is this right or did I miss something?

Thanks all, for replies.

Pivi, I am looking for 5 samples of each kind, and my preference is that at least one of the projectiles is unfired. I need also the packaging or a clear copy / photograph of the packaging so that I can verify make and model of projectile.

Tane, PM sent…


I can send you some samples of all the pellets I have at home .

I have some other all - lead models ( pointed , flat tip , hollow point and an old pointed RWS type)

I still need the boxes , but I can take good pictures of them if needed

Somewhere around, I have some nearly full containers of pellets called “Sussex Sabo” in. They consist of a copper plated lead bullet in a plastic sabot. They were supposed to work like the accelerator rifle rounds. However, when fired, they had a completely unpredictable flight path and left plastic deposits in the barrel. I was told that they were launched in the 1980s and hailed at the time that they were the best possible pellet design. However, it soon turned out that they lacked any sort of accuracy. If I find them I’ll let you know.

Falcon, that was my experience with a lot of these type of pellets. The plastic element of the pellets always seemed to destroy the delicate balance between power and BC of the pellet needed in the low powered air rifles we are restricted to by law in this country, They may have worked better in more powerful rifles but in my experience nothing worked better than than ordinary pellets.
I take it the Sussex refers to the Sussex Armoury who are, or were a big name in the UK airgun world. I don’t see much about them recently, are they still in business?