AK 47 Headstamp ID

Can anyone share any information they may have on this headstamp send to me by a forensic Police Office in India who can not ID it. Appears to be either the year 90 or 06 and an off centered 8 with a lacquered stripe on the head. My first thought was a broken bunter with the 8 but the lacquer stripe got me thinking it may be an experimental. Any idea? (This photo is all the info I have on the cartridge along with the description…from an AK47 rifle)

AK47 Cartridge. 8 90JPG

Could be a possibility for a SAKO experiment, with modified, or worn out bunter, in this case, the reading would be SO, and not 90 or 60 either ? Of course, the question is the 8 figure, too…

This finlandese company experimented with lackered steel, amidst pothe case materials.


Worn out or broken during use will give less markings, here we have “more” when we assume that an “SO” had been present before and is now a “90”.

Yes I agree it wopuld be less markings with abroken bunter. This is most definitely a 90 or an 06. Also the 8 is so off centered that even adding a digit to either side would also have it still quite off centered so I don;t believe there was another mark. Being from India makes me think it was some Russian surplus re manufactured and done locally, but again no idea and then also why the stripe on the head? Also is is nicely and clearly marked, not lightly done or cheap like the Iranian stuff that is popping up.

Maybe a Chinese case with manufacturer 8xx where the last two digits were omitted to keep it clandestine or so. Though I have never seen such a thing happening before.
Possible factories would be then “811”, “821” or “881”.
Just a thought.

Going by just the look of it, it screams late Chinese to me. The primer type/ color with no sealant, and the font. Also looks like the late chinese thin pheonolic ‘lacquer’ coating.