AK ice cubes!

I had to post this:


At least 7.62x39 ice bullets can still be mail-ordered in the UK!

Now I know what I want for Christmas? Anyone ever seen one of these here in the USA?

John Moss

That site does ship internationally it appears.

Yeah, thanks for that guys, she’s going to think i’m REALLY obsessed now, as i just ordered one…

I wonder if this is the source of the urban legend about killing someone with a ice bullet so no evidence was left behind!!!

Should I add this “Load Type” to my list of 7.62x39’s? What headstamp do I list it under?

I think this falls into the class of cartridges including the Ultra Rare Fired Caseless rounds that everyone keeps trying to hand to me.

I have such an ice tray in my freezer. It works really fine but one needs some training with it to make the nicest cubes without air pockets ;-)

Get a reloading manual (oops, no ice cube reloading allowed on this forum).


As long as your talking about the load of Bourbon, Gin, Scotch, Rye, Vodka or Rum that goes with the ice cartridges, it is probably o.k. : 0 : ) (the first little face has its mouth open, waiting for that shot of Rum!)

John Moss