Alarm Corks

What were these alarm corks used for ?
Self-opening wine bottles?

Chris, I guess that a wine bottle wouldn’t know the right time to open itself…

Here you have two self-explanatory pages from the Adolf Frank 1911 catalog.



Chris, that is one neat item you posted! Thank you for sharing!

Fede, thanks for that ad clipping!

I suppose it was an attempt similar to that of volcanic repeating arms - only less lethal?


Jesus !!! I remember very well this kind of gadget…

When I was a kid (… approx 50 years ago !!!), we did appreciate them, but the parents and school-teachers not so much…!

Nice to see they are now collectors’items !!!


Thanks Fede.

And Phil - you’re still a kid really!!

Thanks Chris, you are too nice …!!!


In Australia, (all States) it would be deemed (a) a Handgun, subject to all the restrictions there-to; and (b) an explosive device, also subject to (different) Explosives licensing/prohibition…

Doc AV