Albanian 7.62x54R "3 89"

I walked into a pawn shop in Florida and saw a bag of these. Remembering extremely poor quality of the headstamp (this one is the best in the bag) and laquer stains from a previous topic and Alex saying that was a great find (the topic was about blue wooden Albanian blanks), I bought this bag. Is this ammo also a good find or it is common? Also, if I am reading the headstamp correctly as “3 68”, and if the factory is “3”, then IAA headstamp guide needs to be updated.

Is there a reason that headstamp should not be read as “89 3” rather than “3 68?”

I just wondered. I don’t know much about the Albanian “3” headstamps.

If you flip it around to have the year read as 68, it would no longer be a 3 but a backwards 3, like an E so it is 89 for the year.

Vlad & John, this Albanian 7.62 mm Mod. 53 (T) round was made in 1989. The corresponding crate and also the can are marked 3-89, while the loading card inside is pen marked “1989”. The “(T)” designation indicates a brass case (tunxh).

John, the “3” is KMP which we discussed.

Vlad, the ball loads were on regular sale as shooting ammo in the US and might be common there. I think the steel cases which also made it to the US are even hard to find in the US no?
Your blanks are definately good cartridges I think - as steel cases are.
All that from the European view where we have none of any of those mentioned here…

Thank you guys. I really knew it was “89” and not “68,” but I didn’t want to be too “certain” in it in that I have no cartridges from Albania marked “3” and don’t collect the 7.62 x 54R.