Albanian 7.62x54R tin containers: meaning

I would like to know the exact meaning of few words contained on the albanian 7.62x54R tin containers as reproduced int he following pics:

What < ZAK > stands for?

On the second can, the words “celik tellaker?” should mean “steel case”… what is the correct word for “case”?

Meaning of the other words/codes ( lot number, years etc)?

Thanks in advance.

In the bottom line on each spam can “3/1” indicates “nitro-cellulose gunpowder for model 53 (small arms) rounds”. The gun powder was produced in Albania, not the Soviet Union.

From viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13320&hilit=albania, the “[T]” indicates brass case.

Thank you.

Do you know what is the “relation”/“connection” between 3/1 and “nitro-cellulose gunpowder”?
I mean why this code was choosed for that meaning?

No idea on the meaning?

The 3/1 powder is an Albanian made nitrocellulose type specific for this Model 53 cartridge. Its designation indicates a tubular grain having a 0.3 mm perforation.

Here is a translation of some of the other words:

Zak = This is the bullet type, indicating a light steel core ball (LPS type)
Çelik = Steel
Çelik të llakuar = Lacquered steel (there are several spelling variations)
Copë = Pieces
Mod (Model) = Model
Pa krehër = Without clips [chargers]
T (Tunxh) = Brass

It seems that “Zak” is an abbreviated form of Zakontë, which means “common” (i.e., ball).

Excellent. Thank you for your detailed answer.