Albanian 7.62x54R with dark blue wooden bullets

They appear to be exceptionally poorly made, with flat heads, with what looks like “3 68” headstamps which can also be “89 3”, this “3” is sometimes reversed. Who made them?

Vlad these are Albanian blanks as it seems.
Awesome cartridges!

Could you give us a side view?

I see that bad quality of manufacturing of cartridges is the Albanian tradition. All Albanian 7.62x54R cartridges which I saw have been made with very bad quality. But Albanian 7.62x39 cartridges looked not bad


The one on the right looks like an Israeli 7.62x51 wood blank bullet in an Albanian 7.62x54R case. The left one is not clear enough to tell.

Vlad, thanks a lot for the images. Wish they were mine.

I have seen these available in the US before, and my thoughts at the time were that they were not made in Albania, nor were the similar Czech or Russian cased examples I saw.