Albanian 7.62x54r

Tell me about Albanian 7.62x54r. When did they start making it and why is some of it so poorly manufactured? I had two 440 rd. cans of this ammunition, cartridges headstamped “88” over “3” and around half of it had severly dented, wrinkled or split shoulders and necks. While sorting through this ammunition, I found several cartridges headstamped “87” over “3” only the headstamp is raised instead of impressed like the “88 3” cartridges. Both headstamps were in the same sealed packet! Did this headstamp style change during this time frame or are both types known in other years? What are the known headstamps in this caliber?




The only info I have on Albanian 7.62x54r comes from the following sources:

viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12997&hilit=albania - This is a translation of an Albanian munitions manual, hopefully it is still on Scribd - Good pictures of Albanian 7.62x54r cartridges and packaging from the 1980’s and 1990

and - This reference indicates China supplied Albania with ammunition in the 1960’s