Albanian Military Munitions 1983

For those of you who might be interested in Albanian (i.e. Soviet and Chinese) military munitions the following Scribd link is a PDF file of a 1983 Albanian manual which has been translated into English:

[color=#0080FF][/color] … bania-1983


It appears that you have to log on to Face Book to bring this document up. Too bad. I would never log on to Face Book for anything. Sounds like it might be a valuable document, though.

John, PM me your email I can send.


Steve, Thank you, but I have already received it from both Alex (EOD) and Fede. Thanks to all three of you. It was even more valuable a document, at least to me, than I had thought.

Thank you again, BDGreen, for giving us all the “heads up” on this manual.

Another Thanks! In my case the important thing is that it Does Not list 9x19mm as a caliber in use in 1983. We know that by about 1990, they were making 9x19mm. This is important information for my file.



great manual, thanks for sharing!


Since so many people are concerned and many mailboxes do not accept the file size I have uploaded the manual to a server without any conditions.

Now you can download the file here without registration etc. (checked for viruses too):

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Thanks, Alex! Unfortunately, there’s not too much small-arms ammo info, but lots of good drawings and info for you guys who collect big stuff.

Jon, well, even the drawings are not very good. Luckily almost all in there is standard stuff covered in other documents. To me the value of this document, as John Moss pointed out already, is the confirmation of what was in the Albanian armory.

Thanx, I have the original book, but do not read Albanian