Alcan primers


I have this box, the lid is stuck but looks OK on the outside, not bent or rusted. Any ideas about opening the box, I’d like to see the primers.


Very probably typical copper 4 wing caps with a lacaqured (waterproofed) tan paper foil.
Have 2 variations of that tin in my collection, but one is empty & the other still sealed. The 3rd variation (contents noted above) has a black litho label to the lid (no paper label), is oviously somewhat later, but very probably has the same contents as the paper labeled ones.
Hope this is of help


You should be able to open the box by using a sharp knife to get it started. Hold the edge of the knife hard against the side at the lower edge of the top and try to get the top to move with a levering motion. A bit hard to describe, but perhaps you will get the idea. Do this at several points around the side. Once it has moved just a bit, it will not be difficult to get the top off.