Alert: Case thiefs


This is actually quite funny: A German coupple in their 60’s were arrested in the middle of Norway. In their camping-car, the police found 2,6 tonns of cases stolen from around 30 different ranges in the area they’ve been travelling in.

Link to the story ( in Norwegian ) with pictures:


This pretty much depicts the German pension system after one has worked for a whole life…


Obviously they were not “Reloaders” but simply Scrap Brass Scroungers.

The variety of shells in the containers shows that Norwegians get a lot of shooting in, but waste a lot of perfectly good Brass…Too much Oil Money. And most of it is Boxer, and quality (Norma, Lapua etc.). Makes one want to cry.

Doc AV


Maybe they collect head stamps, hehehe.

About the hunters throwing theyr empty brass, is good for us reloaders, many ranges allow us to get what we need. I use to collect also berdan brass we use in the Army, so I can exchange brass for brass.


Yes Eod you are so right that lousy state has billions for the rest of the world but no pension money for their
own I still thank god if he is still around that he gave me enough brain with 21 years of age to leave that


About all the brass that get thrown, that is mostly hunters that only shoot the minimum required to keep their hunting license. Norway has a lot of hunters, and they are required to shoot I think it’s 30 rounds practice, and 5 rounds for a test to keep the hunting license. Most of them are not interested in reloading, and not really in shooting either, just the hunting. Many active shooters reload.
I think there is also a large quantity of older military brass in these buckets. Home Guard units sponsor the civilian ranges, and are then allowed to use them to practice. They leave their brass at the range. So brass collecting is a good income for the ranges.