All Paper shotshell

Hello Everybody
I have got two all paper shotshells of which I would like some information.
There is no headstamp.

The top one is a .410ga and the bottom one is a 24 ga.

Any information on them is very much appreciated.

Regards René

No information but I thing you will find a metal base under the paper, check with a magnet.

Argentine made I believe. I have a 16 bore, & nothing magnetic about it.

These are all paper shotshells made by Cartuchería Nacional DelRo (Delbene y Rossi) of Uruguay.

Thanks for the correction Fede

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Checked them, but they have no metal base also.

Regards rené

Hello Fede,
Do you have an idea of how old these shells could be?

Many regards rené

René, I’m still searching for more information about this trademark. I’ve read somewhere that these were made in the 1920’s, but I’m not sure.

OK, thanks for the effort but now I have an indication of the age.

Again thanks a lot.

I have just come across to this old thread.

Even when I am from Uruguay there is no so much information about DelRo shotshells.

As far as I know it manufactured in the 40’s when metal was difficult to find in Uruguay. Due to the fact that we do not have our own metals it was hard to import it during WWII period. Unfortunately I can not confirm 100% this.

The following picture shows a unit with a silkscreen that is very very rare, this is the only unit known within the Uruguayan collectors.

Best regards

Daniel, that’s a rare DelRo shotshell! Thank you very much for sharing.

Since this thread was started, I found that a patent for this all paper cartridge was applied in Argentina in 1935, but it was abandoned. Also, a trademark registration was granted to them in 1939, with the only difference that it says “Industria Argentina” below “DelRo”. I’m not aware of an Argentine DelRo shotshell, however.



Thanks Fede, interesting history.
A friend here in Montevideo have sent me this picture. It is an add that comes from a 1940 local magazine: