Allegiance Ammo (old Extreme Shock)_Current 9x19 Offering

I decided to order Alligiance Ammunition’s current offerings on their website. I was surprised when I got a call and was told that what I ordered wasn’t in stock but they did have similar items and the changes were only in bullet weight. I agreed to take what they had. I received my shipment yesterday and was surprised. All the brass case (not blackened) were apparently reloaded cases. I started through a box of Range Strike and there were 15 different headstamps before I got half way through the box. The rounds I received are shown below.

All these have mixed headstamps

These two founds look the same at first but are different as you can see below.

The Silent Strike rounds have blackened cases and are mostly Extreme Shock headstamped cases, but I was surprised to see some LongBow cases mixed in

I could be wrong, so correct me if I am, but this batch of ammo looks like they are loading whatever is on hand to get rid of stock. That implies to me that they may be planning to go out of business, or perhaps are trying to hand on by the fingernails.

Their website claim that this is “New” and when I looked at my Extreme Shock items in the collection, some of the headstamps have been used on other rounds I have gotten from them, but I doubt they are buying new S&B and GFL cases.

Thought I would share this info with you all.


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There is some shady bottom of the barrel stuff going on with 9mm ammo right now. $0.80/rd for reloaded crap.

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Jestertoo has a good point. Everyone knows things will change dramatically for the gun owner if the next election “turns left.” Ammo sales have been at the panic level a good part of the year, fueled also by fears of the pandemic causing a breakdown of the public order, which is happening anyway reference the attacks on Police, cultural items (primarily Statues) etc. I was looking at one website trying to find a specific box of ammo, and when you clicked on any pistol ammo cartridge, it showed “sold out.” That’s probably why Lew’s dealer could not supply what he originally ordered.

I have to admit that those are interesting reloads. I am glad that except in very rare cases, I don’t collect reloads!

John Moss