ALPHA Bullet Ammunition, Lightfield Ammunition Corp. Document Circa 1989

I recently obtained a document/report put out by the Lightfield Ammunition Corp. concerning their development of ALPHA bulleted ammunition which provides background information for these previous Forum discussions:

PDF of the Lightfield Ammunition Corp. document:

ALPHA Bullet Family of Ammunition, Lightfield Ammunition Corp…pdf (4.7 MB)

Brian, excellent! Thank you for sharing!
I wish we had more from them on other calibers.

Super! thanks Brian

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There is a 20mm also. They are made of brass. The short one weighs 102.6 g and the long one 121.2g. The plastic sabot weighs 3.9g.

Below are a variety of 12 ga projectiles and an unfinished piece.



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Paul, incredible items! Thank you for sharing!

The 20mm weights are only for the brass parts or is that for the brass part including the sabot?

Is there an order/timeline for the straight vs. angled “ribs” on projectiles?
Straight ones I saw so far only on pistol/revolver calibers and 12GA. Though angled ones would make a lot of sense with smooth bores.

Hi Alex,

Weights are only for the brass portions. Sabot is separate.


Paul, thank you for the clarification!

Someone (not on an iPhone as I am now) should search out prior threads about Alpha bullets Some stripped of photos from the old defunct forum. I can’t find the thread photos I’ve previously posted and maybe others can do a deeper dive. There’s more Alpha info in threads “out there” on the forum

I can retake photos too


Look at my beginning post, see that I have listed the previous Forum threads concerning ALPHA projectiles:-) Including your great photos!!!


Ah. There’s the 20 and the 30.

Thanks. Was careless in my haste