Also new ammo from S&B for austrian Police


Up to yet already 11 lots prefabricated. with 6,5 Gramm truncated cone softpoint (the former FL-Bullet from Hirtenberger)

Lots 1 to 11
Lot 12 is missing or was not ordered…




This is no new ammo for Austrian police (however new lots, as headstamp markings are of '17).

This load was originally the Hirtenberger 6,5g TMFK “Polizeigeschoss” truncated cone soft-point duty ammo. It was replaced as a duty ammunition after Hirtenberger liquidated it’s ammo sales by Fiocchi FMJTC 100gr SP (smaller and not outgoing lead tip on the head of the bullet), and used in alternance with the S&B 6,5g/100gr SP Nontox Police ammo (since around 2006-7?) - the last being more similar to the original Hirtenberger load.

Altogether, this round was used as a duty ammo of the Austrian police for more than a decade.