Alternative to Photobucket

Can anyone recommend a good alternative to Photobucket? It (Photobucket) has gone down hill and I’m afraid it hasn’t reached the bottom. For me, it works very slow at best and doesn’t work at all at worst. I’d hate to lose my album because it would take a big effort to reproduce it but maybe now’s the time to make the switch.


I use Yahoo’s flickr. I am really happy with it. Granted there are limitations–the number of photos you can post–until you start paying. I started there, so I have not migrated to another, possibly free, service. I have friends who use and love Google’s Picasa. It even has a desktop tool to manage your photos.

Photos taken by me and hosted on my flickr account:

I too am finding Photobucket to be very hard work but can anybody advise how to use Picasa to post photos on the forum? I have tried but I can’t see an obvious way to link the picture to the forum. I’ve recently progressed from scanning cartridges to photographing them with a digital camera. The results are very much better, I then edit and store them in Picasa, and it would be ideal if I could just find the link from Picasa to the forum. Any ideas please?

Right click on the image you like and copy the image location then cut n’ paste inbetween the img tags like this:

And you end up with this:

I have no idea whose image that is. It’s the first one that comes up searching for ammo.


Thank you Chris.

Hmmmm…don’t think that works either.

Not working for you?

Hmmmm…don’t think that works either.[/quote]

You link was wrong:

this is your image link?

That’s brilliant! But how did you do that? Where do i find that link?

You have to copy direct image link, not your picasa site address.
Right click on the image and copy the image properties.

Hammer, I appreciate your patience - I’ve tried everything but still can’t get it to work and I’m probably missing something that’s very obvious to everybody else. I’ll get my son over and he can give me a few basic lessons!
Thank you anyway.

Ray, any photo storage site will do, for unlimited free storage go to

As every netsurfer, I have a website make available by my internet provider.
I use it for storage of my pictures.