Aluminium casing

i would know aluminium casing made all the world (small arms ammunition)
i know:
CCI ,FEDERAL and other american makers (copies of CCI blazer)
divers experimentals US: 330 amron .7.62x48 ,7.62x51 and other…
380 auto italian
7.62x39 czech
14.5x114 (hungarian ?)

Can you refine the parameters of this question a little? If we take all aluminum-case small arms ammunition of all types and calibers known, then we have written a book likely of 100 pages or so.

For example, do you include blanks and dummies, shot cartridges in rifle and pistol calibers, shotgun shells including all-aluminum cases or just aluminum bases, experimentals, etc., or are you looking just for information on ordinary ball cartridges in aluminum cases?

One could make a fine collection from nothing but ammunition with aluminum cases.

John Moss

Here are just a few other examples of aluminum cased small arms ammunition, click on the links shown in blue-

7.5x54mm MAS: 7.5mm MAS aluminium case

.50 BMG (12.7x99mm) Research & development by Remington Arms & Frankford Arsenal, WW2 and post-WW2.

5.56x45mm Research & Development by Amron, Frankford Arsenal, ATK, CCI

7.9x57mm German Research & Development

7.62x51mm Research & Development by Frankford Arsenal & Germany ID Alu case

.303 British Steel case .303?

.280 British

.45 ACP .45 ACP WCC 71 Bright Case

7.62x39mm USSR Rarest 7.62x39 you have


The list is likely endless. Here some more:
7.92x57 Yugoslavia
9x18 Mak (Hungary)
9x19 (by many)
12.7x108 (Italy)
Not to mention all 20mm and larger ones.

32 Auto (7.65 mm Browning) by L. Beaux, (Italy)
9 x 19 mm Para and .30 Carbine (France)
.45 ACP (M1911) By Frankford Arsenal (USA
9 mm Para by WCC (USA)
7.62 x 25 mm (Hungary) (RARE!!!)

The list could go on and on, depending on how specific one wants it.

John Moss

Brian noted the 280 British, but also the .280/30 & the .270 British

Also the .30-06 , and the 7,62x47 “Nato”.

thank for your responses
my question is for small arms “live” rounds with complete alu case
i not include blank or propelling
i know the 9x19 (british) ,7.5 and 12.7x99

“new” for me:

7.92x57 yugo
9x18 mak
12.7x108 !!!
32 auto L. Beaux

7.65 Parabellum and 9 mm Parabellum, by Thun. Two different case metal suppliers for the 9 mm. (Switzerland). I have also seen a little assault rifle cartridge from Switzerland with an aluminum case. Out of my field.

Not sure of the value of this list. I have about 200 aluminum-case 9 mm para specimens, not of course, representing that many countries or makers. Almost 100 in .45 Auto. Some are minor variations, and some quite major variations. It almost frightens me to think of how long a complete list of simply pistol and revolver cartridges with aluminum cases would be, if all variations were taken into account.

Another addition while I am thinking of it: .45 Auto Blanks (France)

John Moss

yes i know the “avional” swiss rounds
it exist a 7.5x55 swis with light green alu case
but i don’t know the “little assaut rifle round”

for my topic i ask about little know rounds (most experimental)
i not include variations of well know brands like CCI because the list would be endless

o.k. That does set a bit more of a parameter. There are still lots. By the way, there are a lot of experimentals in CCI Aluminum. I have an unfinished 7.62 x 51 Blank with a “N CCI R .45 AUTO” headstamp, marked purposefully just to for ID purposes. I also have a series of CCI Experimental short range 9 mm cartridges made to interest the Army, and never adopted. There are also more or less experimental case finishes in the CCI rounds.

It is hard to get information on many “little known rounds,” which is why they are little-known. Still, I find that in the large body of cartridge collectors, there is a wealth of information.

You still need to explain what sort of information you are after. Simply merely a report of the existence of certain cartridges, or historical and/or technical data about them???

If know one else answers about it, when I get back to my house later I will try to look up something about the short Assault Rifle cartridge I was talking about. I had one once, in my trade stuff, and I seem to recall it was not a ball cartridge. Perhaps a Grenade Launching round, or a blank?

John Moss

i’m bad in english
i would say ,less know rounds that CCI and his numerous variation including experimental (i saw in the forum beautifull pictures of these CCI variations and non CCi like the 7.92 besa ,303 british and 280…)
i ask about 30.06 for example ,or 7.62x54r
i had good response because i don’t know that these caliber has variation with alu case (exept CCI blazer)

7.92x57 yugo
9x18 mak
12.7x108 !!!
32 auto L. Beaux
maybe more caliber

i had very difficult for exprim and i cannot speak because i don’t speak english well
i say that my question is bad formulated

John, are you sure the Hungarian is 7.62x25 and not 7.63x25?

Has anyone mentioned .40 Taurus, that’s a relatively rare one isn’t it?

It is & was made by CCI, (with two bullet weights) but it sounds like he’s not interested in CCI

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Some aluminum US made 06, the one with the head torn off is by FA & once had a 19 date. The others are FAL 43, & two by Winchester / Olin and an experimental draw pice by Super-X / Western.

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for strelok
the 40 taurus is a CCI product so i don’t listed it because the list would be endless
with search you can find few topics of CCI with good pictures

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John, I am also wondering about this one: “7.62 x 25 mm (Hungary) (RARE!!!)”.

I have seen an aluminum-cased Hungarian 7.63 Mauser round, with a 4-star headstamp, but nothing I would ID as a Tokarev.
Is this the round you Mean?



Jon - You dare question me on this? :-) Hee! Hee! Sometimes I don’t know where my head is. With that headstamp, I would think that for sure it is 7.63 x 25 mm Mauser and not Tokarev by designation. I was thinking it had one of the Communist-era headstamps, even though I have a picture of it. Fabulous round. Thanks for the correction. One of the things about this Forum I like is that you guys keep the senile old fat man honest!

Wish someone would find about 1,000 rounds of this round!

John M.

Two or 3 more would be ok with me…as long as I got one!
I truly don’t know how Bill got that out of my hands. Must have been his super-human defense and my kind gentle nature! At least I got to hold it and get some good pics.

Don’t forget the 6mm SAW.