Aluminium casing

John, I am also wondering about this one: “7.62 x 25 mm (Hungary) (RARE!!!)”.

I have seen an aluminum-cased Hungarian 7.63 Mauser round, with a 4-star headstamp, but nothing I would ID as a Tokarev.
Is this the round you Mean?



Jon - You dare question me on this? :-) Hee! Hee! Sometimes I don’t know where my head is. With that headstamp, I would think that for sure it is 7.63 x 25 mm Mauser and not Tokarev by designation. I was thinking it had one of the Communist-era headstamps, even though I have a picture of it. Fabulous round. Thanks for the correction. One of the things about this Forum I like is that you guys keep the senile old fat man honest!

Wish someone would find about 1,000 rounds of this round!

John M.

Two or 3 more would be ok with me…as long as I got one!
I truly don’t know how Bill got that out of my hands. Must have been his super-human defense and my kind gentle nature! At least I got to hold it and get some good pics.

Don’t forget the 6mm SAW.

An experimental 13.2x99 Hotchkiss (no headstamp)
I don’t know more about this cartridge



During WW1 the Germans used an experimental 7,9 Mauser Aluminium cased round in air plains. No head stamp.


Mid 1930, RWS made a lot of experimental cartridges try to find a solution reducing the use of copper by the production of cases. The steel case was winning this competition.

We think the (T) means Treuenbritzen and the second character A, H, J, L, M, N, and P are known.


thank for your response
yes i know the T P 7.92 ,but not the two others especially the ww1 one

British & Canadian? made 20mm H.S.
Canadian so I’ve been told.

Kynoch product.
brit%2020mm%20HS%20HS Brit%2020mm%20HS%20OA


Forgot this 20mm Orelikin


i know the 20x110 hispano
but “woo” for the 20x110 oerlikon ,nice piece

These are some Swiss samples. The ‘greenish’ GP11 is from 1940, the 9 Luger are 1942 & 1944. The 7,65 are 1944 and the blue one is proof.

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in the past i had the blue 7.65 and the 7.5x55
it the same color as your
on another topic is mentioned a blue 9x19 swiss beschusspatrone but it very rare

Michel, great photo and info, thanks!
Any chance to see the case head and primer?

I was in error when I referred to a Swiss short assault rifle cartridge, one loading of which I recalled being in aluminum case. The cartridge in question was the 7.5 x 38 GP Model 1947 grenade launching cartridge. I had the impression it was an aluminum case from a time when I had 4 or 5 different of these cartridges in my duplkcates (I never collected them).

In reality, the case of that grenade launching cartridge is zinc-coated brass, not aluminum.

Sorry about the error.

John Moss

yes i know the cartridge and i had the chance to see a picture
it easy to confuse with these ,same thing for the 7.5x55 launching cartridges
until recent time i thinked that they are in alu

Here the case head of the 13.2x99 Hotchkiss :


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I went digging and found these from the UK, both are from technical reports prepared by the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, the first is from March 1945 and is of a 20mm Hispano case made by Radway Green;

The next is from a 1947 report on 7,92x57 cases made by ROF Woolwich;



I took these pics last night so a duplication of the 20mm HS that Pete posted.

They sure do make for a colourful picture.

.17 x 45
5mm ARES
5.56x38 FABRL
5.6mm Eiger
6x45 SAW
6x49 SAW
6.45x48 GP80
.30 LR (x47mm)
.30 LR (x49mm)
.30 LR (x51)

.330 Amron
.50 cal ARES
.60 MG
20mm OICW
25mm OCSW
25mm Barrett payload rifle
20mm HS (Dominion Arsenal)
20mm Oe (Dominion Rubber Munition; TR headstamp)




the 6x45 saw ,the 5.6 eiger and the 6.45 very nice

the 6x45 saw is US or british made ?

LOVE that red .270! Is it headstamped?