Aluminium Lebel bullet

any ideas for this aluminium Lebel bullet? Unfortunately damaged. Actual weight 2,75g.

It seems not to be fired. Do you know what has happened to it?

Was found on shooting range amog other regular lebel bullets (also destroyed like this wchich is normal here) but every of them is fired so I think this was too. Dont have idea how heat aluminium reacts hitting on ground.

Could it be the core of a German 7.92x57 “lS”?
This would explain the missing rifling and the circumferential mark on the base where the jacket was ending.

For reference the said “lS”:

No traces of firing would suggest break off the jacket. Height is around 35mm

Correct, The traces of firing were in the jacket.
I think it was the inside from a lS tracer.
look at the base from the bullet.