Aluminum-Cased 7.63 Mausers

A few years ago I asked Dave Andrews if CCI was working on any aluminum cases for 7.62 Tokarev and 7.63 Mauser cartridges. He said that they had, but abandoned the project due to burning shoulder and neck issues. Imagine my surprise when I got/saw two different aluminum-cased 7.62x25s last month.
I got the first round from a European friend who is experimenting with brass and aluminum .38 SPL cases to make 7.62 Tokarev shooting ammo. The headstamp clearly identifies it as “not a fake”.

The second is sadly not mine. I did get to touch and photograph it, and I was very careful not to drool on it. It is tentatively identified as a Hungarian experimental from the mid to late 1930s.

Please let me know if you know anything more about round #2, or any other aluminum-cased 7.62 Tokarev or 7.63 Mauser cartridges.

The Hungarian aluminum case is amazing!!! It also probably means they made it in 9mm Para and other pistol rounds as well since all would be easier than 7.63mm Mauser!



I still get chills thinking about it! Check with all your sources, Lew.

The bullet sticks to a magnet.[/img]

I don’t think that is an aluminum case. I believe you will find that it is nickel or chrome-plated brass, can’t recall exactly which it is.

Jack - your cartridge is not aluminum-cased. It is nickeled-brass, and is a dummy round from Deutsche Waffen- und Munitiionsfabriken A.-G. (DWM) of Karlsruhe, Germany. They are quite common. the only thing possibly not common is the bullet. Is it a plain brass jacket, as it appears in the photo, or is the bullet silver in color as well? If plain brass, that is a bit unusual.

Thanks for the correction Jon & John. The bullet is silver. I thought it was aluminum because of it’s light weight, never thought about it being a dummy.

Jack - a lot of these dummy rounds have empty bullet jackets - no cores - in them, which is why they are so light in weight.