Am I a real collector yet?


New items added into my slowly growing collection!

My first pinfire: 9mm B BRUXELLES (Louis Bachmann)
Anyone know what the striations on the case are from?

.404 Jefferey double headstamp

My favorite experimental, 7.92x40 CETME

.38 Special draw case from +P experimentation

European made .38 Special, Berdan primed (not made by S&W)

.30 Remington/.30-30 specimens

“South African” .38 Special definitely made in South Africa and not clandestinely imported at all. Obviously. (sarcasm, I know this is Hirtenberger!)



I hate to take on the job of being the “bad guy” here, but your
statement that the N .38 SPL 8 headstamp is "definitely made in
Sough Africa and not clandestinely imported at all obiviously"
is simply not correct. Cartridges with this style of headstamp were
made in Austria by Hirtenberger, and were mean’t to defy the UN’s
meddling in the affairs of South Africa during the almost world-wide
embargo imposed on that nation.

This is well-known among European and South African collectors,
not to mention that the cartridge characteristics are purely Hirtenberger
and not those of PMP, (now, I believe, called the Devel Corporation, or at
least selling ammunition under that name), the major South African
manufacturer of small arms ammunition.

Hirtenberger also made cartridges in some caliber with the same basic style
of headstamp and informational code (letter/number) for Musgrave, who sells
ammunition under their own headstamp and brand name but evidently does not
manufacture any of it, buying it all from other makers. but with the addition of "mus"
on the headstamp at the 12 o’clock position.

To my knowledge, no one has questioned the Hirtenberger connection for a long time
now. Of course when first found, it took some detective work to determine where it was
coming from.

John Moss


John, I am well aware of this fact, however I don’t know how to convey sarcasm through type!


I thought these looked familliar… Facebook is why. :)


Bingo, there’s two or three groups I’ve posted them on haha


O.K. Sorry about that. I can relate. I usually say things as
exactly what I mean. I once told a chap "I was willing to learn"
after a disagreement on some point or another. I was immediately
accused of sarcasm, when in truth, I meant exactly what I said.
So, I have the other problem. People think I am being sarcastic
when I am not. :-(

Nice headstamp photos, by the way!

John Moss


Currently the camera I have easiest access to is my phone and it doesn’t do well for good pictures, however I’ve learned to puppeteer sheets of paper to get the light to an acceptable level


I find the best way is to use a dark room (night time) and give the phone a good support, like a can of Coke or similar, let the phone adjust and then take a photo, experiment with different light settings (camera flash, bright torch at different angles etc).

Also nice collection so far. Very cool.


Thanks for the tips! Now that I’ve got a few less common items, I really feel the collection taking shape