Amazing Sale Price-.22 S&W #1 box

On eBay yesterday an original empty box for S&W #1 cartridges sold for $5800.00 Yes, the decimal point is in the right place. Look it up, but you have to be registered to see completed auctions. What’s happening? Did someone here buy it? Is inflation that bad?

Do you have a username of the seller??
Otherwise it`s not possible to find a closed auction.


Here it is:

It looks like a couple bidders thought it was worth more than $200, and they bid it up to $3,700 and then a couple other bidders took over and bid against each other up to $5,700.

Auction madness is a serious disorder. Sometimes this is cured by age and experience. Sometimes it is not. Many of us have a couple of items which we paid far too much for when under the effects of this. There are a couple of cures. 1) don’t get involved with auction sales , 2) decide on the price which you can sellp with and bid that amount THEN STOP ! Both are hard to do unless you have been stung first.

If the box was not actually empty could this have added significantly to the value?

The seller could have assured the box was empty on eBay since they will not allow the sale of ammunition, but buyers who contacted him could have been given a different answer. I know I have contact sellers before asking if they have the contents and they said they would send them with the sale. People have contacted me before when I have sold boxes too.

Good point. Hope none of the Ebay free lance gestapo are visiting.

In 1974 I sold 3 boxes of these to Jim Tillinghast at the Schenectady, NY gun show at the I.U.E hall. He paid me $450. He referred to them as “black and gold” label S&W boxes. All three were full and sealed. He bought a lot of other stuff at the time but these were the one I destinctly remember because of the interest they generated and the price. When it comes to auctions I have not been suprised at what an item will fetch when the right buyers are involved.