American Armament Corp. 37x202R


One of my contacts gave me a box of artillery cases that he wants the dents removed from the necks. He bought these at auction to sell on.

One of the cases is a 37x202R by American Armament Corp. It is headstamped:


[Inner ring]: 37 MM S.A. GUN K

The primer on this case is a .45 ACP case headstamped “WCC 41”.

This case has a nice headstamp but unfortunately it has a wide split in the neck. If the case didn’t have this split I would have bought it from its current owner.

Does “S.A.” stand for “Semi-automatic”? This round is listed as being for an anti-aircraft gun, for which a semi-automatic would seem a poor choice.

Does anyone have any more information on the gun or cartridge? I’m sure I have seen this round on this forum before, I remember seeing the .45 ACP case primer.

Thanks for any info.