American Ballistics Display

I recently picked up this vintage American Ballistics display piece. It is very crudely made, with the lettering done by the old “click-tape” adhesive marking tape. It has also been apparently vandalized for certain cartridges.

Being that it takes up so much space, is not complete, and is not well marked, I am tempted to simply salvage the cartridges and sacrifice the remainder. I am hesitant to destroy anything with original historic value however. Can anyone give me an idea of the rarity and value (historic, not $$) of the item? Also, can anyone explain the meanings of the various titles (TC, HXC, etc)? Thanks.


TC - Tungsten Carbide or Teflon Coated

Then TCS?

Tungsten Carbide, Sintered?

Teflon coated steel

Early projos had no knurling at case mouth and up. Smooth

Later had the knurling. I’m told they filed the bore out of rifles

Red and green bases. Not sure if meant anything.

I’ll list my calibers in few

sorry…in kind of a rush

I think the red bases are all the “no knurling” …thus early style

(even though I have one that does not fit that trend…but I think that’s it)

note same warning verbiage on American Ballistics box and a KTW box
(I’m not a gun guy so you tell me)

sorry for glare…I’m still in a rush

PS Is that a Woodin Lab ID number on the box tab 9P51 ?

My first step would be to attempt to restore the missing rounds, it’s a very nice display.

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Or send to Pepper and let him try 🤔🤣

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First board I’ve seen, and until another is found further dismantling the only known board would be something you would regret for a long time.

Companies like this may have only made one or two boards for the Shot Show or the like & used & then when the Co. went south, round filed along with production records & other bits no one would ever want…

I believe TCS is Teflon coated tell. The TC round appears to be copper when you look down the deep hollow point, at least on my rounds.I last saw the owner a bit over 10 years ago and he was making exclusively sniper ammunition for various governments-all rifle calibers.The rounds and the boxes were both unmarked!

The 9mm AP round is pretty hot, but when fired into 0,25 inch cold roll steel the bullet stuck in the plate with the tip penetrating out the back.


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Really nice display! The “TC HXC” initials stand for “Teflon Coated Hollow eXpanding Copper” and “TCS” for “Teflon Coated Steel”.



Pfew. Fede co-signs. Thanks

The few missing rounds should not be that hard to find and glue in place

Searching. Can anyone show me what the missing rounds look like? If anyone has any spares, please PM me.

I’ll try to look through my stuff this weekend and see if I have any info/spares. If you decide to offload that thing, please let me know!