American Cartridge and Ammunition Company?

Anyone ever heard of American Cartridge and Ammunition Company?

I have a red paper shotgun shell with the headstamp American Eagle No 20 which I believe was made by the above company.

Does anyone know when and where they were in business. From internet searching it looks like the company started in 1922, but that is all I know.

If anyone has any information about this company such as dates of operation and location, I would appreciate knowing about it.

Thank you for any information.


I’m not sure about the American Cartridge and Ammunition Co but there was a American Cartridge Company of Kansas City. They manufactured or sold 22’s under with under the American Eagle brand. I was told they were acquired by Federal in 1924. I think Federal continued the American Eagle brand on and off into the 1960’s.

I know they also produced shot gun shells. At one time I had an empty 20 ga “American Eagle” box. It’s long gone and I don’t remember any details about if except the Eagle on the front of the red box looked similar to the Eagle on the front to the early red American Cartridge Co 22 boxes. I have no clue as to when the shot shells were manufactured.


To what Paul said, I can also add that the “American Eagle” brand was used by Federal Cartridge Corp. since January 1, 1924.

The American Cartridge and Ammunition Co. was previously discussed in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15342

As far as I can tell the last use by Federal of the “American Cartridge Company” divison name was on “Fast Flight” boxes coded AE 712 for .22 LR hollow point cartrdges, whose design was copyrighted on August 1, 1963.

I have two boxes of American Eagle 12 gauge shotshells that I know date from 1966 - maroon paper cases with six-fold crimp. Box is labeled on the end flap as “Manufactured in the U.S.A. by / American Cartridge Company / a division of / Federal Cartridge Corporation / Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55402 U.S.A.” Coding on end flap: M V56P 30 9D (if anyone can translate that). I also have a partial box (one piece box) of American Eagle 3" .410 shells, “American Cartridge Co. Kansas City U.S.A.”. No mention of Federal is printed on the box.

Dennis, how do you figured out the date of the American Eagle 12 gauge box?

In 1921 American Eagle was made by American Cartridge Co., Kansas City, USA. Somewhere around 1930 cartridges for American Cartridge Co. were made by Federal but the boxes still stated American Cartridge Co., Kansas City, USA. Sometime later, but before 1962 Federal took over and the boxes changed to American Cartridge Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota, Made in the USA. About 1963 the boxes stated American Cartridge Co., a Division of Federal Cartridge Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

I found this info in the American Cartridge Co. catalog at It’s for .22s but should pertain to all their cartridges.

“Dennis, how do you figured out the date of the American Eagle 12 gauge box?”

Because I bought them new, and remember exactly the circumstances. I bought a case of them at a downtown Cleveland sporting goods store when I was working there, and I worked there only in 1966. Not to say they may not have been manufactured somewhat earlier. If someone could decipher the lot number, we’d know the date more closely. As there is a ZIP code shown in Federal’s address, the box could not pre-date 1963, when ZIP coding started.