American ctges

Could you please confirm the denomination of the first ctge and tell me what is the second one ?

thanks in advance


The first cartridge is very close to my 45-60 Wesson dimensions, It differs by .09 mm with the bullet diameter and .15 mm in case length. It also has a Farrington type primer which indicates a USCCo manufacture.

thank you !
no idea for the second one ?

The cartridge at the right appears to be a .40-82 Winchester. The .40-82 and the .40-70 Winchester cartridges are near twins, but if the latter appeared in the 1890s as Frank Barnes wrote I’d think .40-82 is more likely. This is because the lack of a headstamp would tend to suggest early manufacture, and the .40-82 appeared about 1885-86. I think the cartridge is a reload, because of the seemingly nickeled primer and because the location of the case shoulder suggests the case was likely resized in a neck sizing only reloading tool. Jack

Hello All,
Is it true that only United States Cartridge Company loaded the .45-60 Wesson?
I have only seen cartridges identified as being loaded by them.
Any thoughts?


Can’t say if true or not, but for what it’s worth, all the .45-60 Wesson’s I have seen are by U.S.C.Co.

Thanks PetedeCoux,
I have never seen them listed in any UMC or Winchester catalog and I have it in my notes that only USCCo made them.
Silly question, has a box for the 45-60 Wesson ever shown up?
Thanks again,

Nothing silly about asking, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a box, but I’m reasonably sure packaging most likely exists (somewhere), after all they had to get them onto dealer shelves, however the survival rate must be quite low as USCCo boxes usually were of poor quality acid-paper.

I have an original 45-60 Wesson USCCO box full with ammo. Looked for a long time for it. It goes well with my Frank Wesson #1 repro rifle in the same caliber. If you are still interested, I can post a picture or two.

Hello Bnelson,
Would you be so kind as to post your images of the 45-60 Wesson box.
I think we would all be interested in seeing it since they are so uncommon.

I agree with clarkbr, be nice to see

Here is a some shot of the front of the box. No mention of the Frank Wesson name, but I’ll put up some other pictures that show what they are.

Another shot. of the top.

Interesting. I have the same box here and in comparing the W.C.F. and the Wesson .45-60 cartridges to it, I find the Wesson is too long.

I wanted to include this image, but being a newbie, the system would not let me. Here is a shot of the full box inside. The box height is 2 1/2" and the Wesson cartridges fit nicely.

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Are the cartridges in it in the first photo of the front, that you posted?

In mine the there is a gap in the label with Wesson’s in it.

I’m not completely clear on what you are asking. These are all the same box. You can see in the first photo that the box fits the label and closes completely. Is that what you were asking?

As I think about it, yes the cartridges are in the box in the first picture.

Thanks Bnelson for posting the rare box images of a 45-60 Wesson.
I appreciate it.

This is very interesting as the box I have with this exact same label is too short for a Wesson.