American Eagle .410 - Estate sale buy


I made a pretty good haul this morning at a local estate sale. Nothing that rare, but prices were very good. One item was a red box of American Eagle (Kansas City) 3" .410 shells. One piece box was not in great shape, but is all there ($3.00). Anyway, it contained an assortment of old 3" paper shells, but about half were faded maroon color, the only headstamp being “.410” Are those likely to be original to the box? Another unusual item (to me) was a full box, in mint condition, of .22 LR shot shells, Western Super-X (Olin Industries, so 1944-54), with a small drawing of a breaking clay target at the upper right front. Did I pay too much at $2.00?


No, you did well, this is my favourite price range, $1-5, with a mixture of different things inside, like a miniature archeological dig, maybe there is a treasure inside.