"American made" Speer 8x57mm box


I love the way marketing people and politicians like to put a spin on what they say. If you stop and think about what they said a few minutes later you can’t figure out what it was that they said!!

Here is a good example. What exactly does “American made by C.I.L. in Canada” mean? Can something that is made by a Canadian Company in Canada by Canadian workers be American made?

And look at the statement from a different angle. “Speer Rifle Ammunition and all components are American made…except Speer bullets which are made by Speer, Inc. Lewiston, Idaho”. I have always been under the impression that Idaho was American!!

Anyway, I got a good chuckle out of the label as I was entering it into my records.

Speer 7mm Mauser


If we take the literal meaning of “American Made” (that would include all of South, Central and North America) the usage on your box would work. Made by an American (North) in Canada except the bullets (made in the U.S.)!

Gotta love it…



Dave – you know, I thought of that but then I thought how many people think of Belize or Surinam when they hear or read the term America? Maybe more than I think would, do!


Some Canadians “might” take exception to this label.

I sent my brother that photo and he replied:


 I grew up in Quebec close to Pigeon Hill .
 The Fenian raid occurred on June 7, 1866.



About a bit like “98% FAT FREE” labels on food…either you are or you ain’t…reminds me of another “relative” term…one can’t be " a little bit pregnant"…either you is or you ain’t.

Maybe at the time CCI was haviong wishful dreams…
or simply a ham-fisted attempt at saying "NOT European Made"
Doc AV


A footnote and a question about the Speer 8x57mm box. The box is empty. Does anyone know what the headstamp was of the cases that were originally in the box?


There are two possible spins on this subject

One - The Entire continent is America, from the northernmost tip of Canada to the very bottom of Cape Horn. The fact that in the US the word America is used to refer to “the homeland” is actually an innaccuracy that has become so common as to have become universally accepted worldwide. Its just that people omit the “United States of” in day to day usage. Like most Europeans I tend to use the term US or the States when referring to your country.

The same error of speech is starting to creep into common usage regarding Europe. Not all countries are in the EU.

Two - I can only refer to Europe for this because I don’t know what the US regulations are on the matter. Goods which are packed or assembled within the EU from items made abroad can still be defined as made in the EU under certain circumstances.
In the latter days of the car production in Detroit virtually all the components were made in Mexico then shipped to Detroit for assembly but the cars were classed as US made so I’m guessing much the same applies over there as it does in Europe.


The only 8 mm Mauser round I have ever seen with the Speer headstamp is marked:


I have bnever had a loaded round, but rather only a NUPE case. Personally, the font on the headstamp doesn’t look anything like CIL to me, but rather the “8mm MAUSER” part looks like Winchester’s product. I do NOT have confirmation of that, or at least there was no note in my “United States 7.9 x 57 mm” file. If needed, I can scan the headstamp and have Joe post it here for me. However, it appears exactly as I have typed it.


Thanks John. I will have see if I can find one to go with the box.


sent the photo to a retired CCI engineer & his feedback was that it was meant to have “NORTH” in front of American made & if you add it it does make sense.

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