American manufacturers headstamp timeframes

Is there an IAA article, forum information, website, or book which gives timeframe for American manufacturers as shown on a cartridge headstamp? Not history of a manufacturer, but only timeframe a cartridge could have been manufactured based on how a company is shown on the headstamp. In other words, a starting place for the cartridge in hand.
Examples under the Winchester brand might be H, W, WIN, WINCHESTER, WRA, or WRACo or WRACO.
Is this information that would be worth adding as a column to the IAA Headstamp Codes guide?

Dan Shuey’s 2-volume book on W.R.A.Co headstamps covers the times of that headstamp.

Thank you. But not referring to 1 manufacturer.

I realize that. my perhaps not very well stated was the point is that the information you request has been / is (with some companies) already available and published but being covered by copyright is not free to the IAA to publish or offer to the membership.

Appreciate it Pete. Maybe some others with chip in with suggested resources.

Many American cartridge companies included drawings on the box to show contents, including a rendering of the headstamp. The IAA reference page includes two articles on dating Remington and Peters cartridge boxes, which may help with those makers.

Some of the smaller early, or more recent, makers with relatively short life spans probably had relatively few variations.

Many calibers were made for relatively short periods, and headstamps on those may help date other calibers from a similar time frame. Of course, it is possible the older headstamp bunters remained in use as long as they were serviceable, especially on low volume calibers.