American powder


is it scarce and if yes value please


At any given time, there are 5 or more of these on eBay from (starting bid) $25.00 to $90.00 (‘Buy It Now’) Yours is in great condition. It seems that the paper label is intact, as is the little screw-on cap. Nice can!


thanks to help me !

I have spent a fortune buying an old gunshop and now I must make some money !!!


I have two of these cans, but unfortunately both mine are equipped with masking tape with handwriting over the original label. The tape is permanently stuck on, and can’t be removed without causing damage, or at least I wouldn’t know how to remove it.

These duPont BP cans used to be seen frequently at gun shows, etc. but I haven’t seen any for years. I’d say the eBay price range is accurate, and were I looking to sell mine, I’d probably be happy to take any offer within that range.


Sometime in the early '80’s a powder can collector who lived in southern Warren county of NY acquired a large quantity(hundreds) of these cans that were NOS (new old stock) most had no labels and had never been filled. Also acquired were boxes of original Dupont labels not all were black powder. They were sold at gun shows for $15 - $25 US as NOS. You would have your choice of black powder label, F, FF, FFF, FFFF etc. He sold the early new smokeless labels framed in inexpensive dime store frames. I have several of the cans like this one that are new and unused. In this area at least, it is not unusual to encounter the brand new ones. They sell for around $40-$50. Horace managed to unintentionally keep the price down on this style of can. His collection of can, kegs and crates for powder and explosives was mind boggling. Filling several tractor trailer boxes and barns. His wife sold it all when he died.