Ammo as a water source

Just watched “Iceberg Hunters” at the Weather Channel, a bunch of Newfoundlanders take a fishing boat, go out at sea, find a big iceberg, open fire with a hunting rifle (thank God not an assault one!!!) until a big chunk falls off the iceberg, then they catch ice pieces, put them on the deck, back to port, sell ice to a bottling company which melts it and bottles it as the world’s purest water. They spent more than 200 rounds shooting off a big chunk. Those crazy Canucks!!! What a way to make a living!! With the present ammo prices as they are they will be shooting bow and arrow soon.

Icebergs, most of them, start life as part of a glacier. If people knew some of the stuff that glaciers spit out when they calve, they wouldn’t want to drink the water. When I lived in Alaska we would shoot off big chunks of glacier ice to put in our beer coolers because it lasted a lot longer than regular ice. But, we never drank the water. Yuck!


Back in 1963 I was in an RN frigate sailing back to the UK from Nova Scotia. We came across a really huge iceberg and it was decided that this would make an interesting “target of opportunity” for the 4.5" guns. We brought all of the tail-end and oddball rounds up from the magazine, including WW2 dated H.E. Semi-AP, window and starshell and proceeded to wallop them into the 'berg. Well, the result was not very impressive from what we could see a few miles away, it was still huge when we had done our best, a few dirty smudges on the surface were all that I could see!