Ammo as amulet


I was listening to an Afganistan war story on the radio … =126676276
in which an American soldier saw an enemy gun misfiring and later he found a bullet next to that gun which he believed to be meant for him. He put that projectile on his neck and wore it as a good luck charm. I myself have no war experience besides occasional fighting with my wife about going to a gun show. So I have no stories to tell. But I know there are good stories out there. So, what do you say?


There was a news item some months ago about a 13 year old girl of the so-called “goth” persuasion who had her 7,62 bullet amulet confiscated by the police. Possesion of ammunition and/or components is prohibited without a licence. To the consternation of the DA, her dad was a lawyer with some knowledge of the gun laws, so she got her charm back eventually.
Thats what peaceful little Denmark can come up with in this regard :-)


This has a Flashlight, Soldier with a tin hat (British?), Airplane, Hand Grenade, and I think, a Torpedo reading CCW.