Ammo at school … to-school/

«Zero tolerance»… more like complete ignorance.

Mixed with a generous portion of fear-of-lawsuit.

Literally everyday of my school years my pockets would have contained something that would have got me expelled today. And every kid had a penknife too, lets not forget that

Once or twice a year we had kids in the school who travelled on the bus wearing sheath knives openly on their belt, into school and then down to the church. They wore quasi military uniforms too. They were called Boy Scouts. Today they would be sent for assessment. Marked for life.

I can remember running round the school with a lee Enfield that was nearly as big as me, and a pair of boots that nearly crippled me. We were called Cadets! Of course we weren’t allowed ammunition but we all had it, this was just after the end of the war, the place was awash with goodies. We all stole it from the cadet ranges, nobody checked. More importantly, nobody got shot and no banks got robbed. Rites of boyhood.

We actually carried the Lee-Enfields on the Tram (streetcars to you Yanks) to and from the Rifle Range during Cadet Range weekends (in full uniform, of course.)…a Good friend of mine was Vickers Gun Champion for the entire (State) Command back in 1959 ( at age 17.).
Sadly, a Socialist Gov’t abolished the Cadet system in the early 1970s…and how Discipline has suffered in all High schools since…and Recruits to the Armed Services are complete “ignoramuses” concerning Firearms these days…even the reactivated “Army Cadets” (No longer school-linked) are simply a “Politically Correct Unisex Uniform Fest” ( No guns, no real training).

Doc AV
Down Under.