Ammo auction


Lots of interesting stuff.

Small arms ammo
German navy 20mm breech plug cartridge
Very early german WW.2 rifle grenades
German WW.1 white phosphorus grenade
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Awesome, thanks for the heads-up


I think that some starting prices are very high , especially for modern ammo that can be purchased at lower costs.

Anyway , I’d like to have the 45 HP prototype by Hirtemebrger , made trimming a 45 Auto case…

Mmmmhhhh . 10 euros for a Wanzl fired and blackened case as starting price … I could buy a new car simply passing a couple of days digging out relic fired copper in a place near the Trieste city…


I wonder what the 9mm box labeled "achtung beschußmunition is in this auction? It’s obviously a Geco 9mm box over-labeled with a sticker:

Google translator seems to think that Bescuß means fire, bombardment or shelling. So is this stuff a salvo rd, an incendiary load, or something else?


DK ,
they are proof loads


Thanks for posting that great link. Some really cool items. I love the look and design of the 15.5 mm x 106 Versuch Belgien round. I know nothing about it but it looks so cool.



[quote=“APFSDS”]Thanks for posting that great link. Some really cool items. I love the look and design of the 15.5 mm x 106 Versuch Belgien round. I know nothing about it but it looks so cool.


Jason, that is a HE not an AP.


Thanks Bud!
I have never seen that round before. It is really unique looking. I love its design.



Actually there are APHC and APDS in this caliber. I am not sure about APFSDS.

This caliber was meant to replace the .50 BMG and to pose the counterpart for the Soviet 14.5x114.


I also, did not know that! I just think this mod is awesome to look at. Really a nice design. I’d love to see what Paul would do sectioning it :-)



Is there any way to ship live ammo from other countries to USA? I sometimes see websites that have something I want, or an auction like this for instance.


Aaron–No way that I am aware of except in someones personal baggage under the 5 KG limit rule and that appears to be in the process of being done away with also. Now, if you want to bring in a whole boat load or at least a cargo container full of something, then yes, you can get an import permit from the Munitions Control Office for ball rounds (No AP, Tracer, Incendiary, etc.). But if your talking about a few round for collecting, I know of no easy method.


Update - I’m changing my previous post about not being able to register since I just noticed that now after 3 days I am registered and able to login & bid. My question about final winning procedure as far as shipping still stands though. Do American bidders need to have a European contact who might be able to bring things in to SLICS or some such thing? Or should I not be talking about this here lest I blow the lid of an inside thing that collectors do? Nobody’s ever told me.


The organizer of this auction is also coming to SLICS,and maybe he can take some cartridges with him!!



Jason - I am pretty sure Paul had one of the 15.5x106 APDS rounds sectioned in a recent journal. When I get home I’ll check which issue it was.


Thanks Bud!!


I just checked the Journal and the sectioned 15.5x106 is on page 29 of the November/December 2009 (Issue 470) journal.


The IAA website (home page for this forum) has a section on shipping ammo, both in the US and overseas. The link is

There use to be methods of shipping live ammo back from overseas, but I have not been able to find a way to do it for the past 25+ years. The only method I know is for it to be carried in checked baggage on an airline that allows this. Each airline has it’s own rules on this and they are not the same. Some charter airlines leave it up to the individual pilot to decide which has resulted in people being told in the last hour or two before flight, after checking in and having the bag checked that the pilot has refused. I have never heard of this from a major airline. I fly Delta and have never had a problem. I have also flown American, Contential, KLM and United without problems.

If you buy live ammo in Europe, you need to make sure you have someone there who it can be shipped to, and then you either have to pick it up or have someone else pick it up for you and bring it back in checked baggage.

CHECK THE ARTICLE ON THE IAA WEBSITE. Permits are required at both ends and there are limits on what can be brought into the US. For an auction, I’d recommend you seek the advise of the auction organizer before you bid.



Thanx Twoaz! Much appreciated! Off to go check it out.



Some pretty amazing prices closing out some of the listed items! I noticed a 7.92 cartridge with a rare “Polte Magdeburg” headstamp sell for $385 EU or about $520.00. However, I was puzzled by item #420 in section 6 which is just a Winchester .25 auto cartridge that sold for 32.50 EU. It’s just an X25AXP cartridge which has a small steel pellet in the hollow tip - supposedly for aiding feeding or expansion. These are discontinued, but not horribly rare. You can purchase a whole box of 50 cartridges for around $50.00: