Ammo availability in countries outside the USA?

Since ammo is in such short supply here in the US, I was wondering if any countries outside the US have ammunition for sale? Either manufacturing companies or even a stockpile of ammunition available for sale?

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Maybe some of our worldwide membership/readership can at least tell you of their countries supply issues

I’m not trying to buy or sell anything! It’s a general question for discussion

To give you an impression, I checked todays availability of 6.5 mm Credmoor loads at probably the largest retailer in Germany, Frankonia. They offer 23 loads of 6.5 mm Creedmoor. 4 of these are currently out of stock.
There is in my experience plenty of supply in rifle calibers from Sellier & Bellot and PPU to more expensive brands like Sako or RWS. A few loads may be out of stock at any given time, but one can choose from other brands.
The same applies to handgun ammunition. As an exception, Geco 9 mm Luger Hexagon has been always in short supply, because its their only precise load in this caliber left. But other loads from Geco, Magtech, Sellier & Bellot and other brands are available.

Keep in mind that in Germany, like in most European states, only licensed people can buy ammunition at all. We do not have the effect that people who never in their life handled a gun, suddenly see an urgent need to buy one and stock up with ammunition as if for a prolonged civil war.
Panic buys in Germany are legally limited to items like toilet paper, as actually happened at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Edit: I always ridicule those writing Creedmore, and now it happened to myself.


yup…understood…good question…just trying to keep from ruffling feathers

Completely understand yeah it was just a question, I am not trying to buy or sell anything. I am very curious If the rest of the world is in an ammo shortage like the USA.

The rest of the world is hardly allowed to have guns, so no real shortage I guess.


No deficit was noticed in Ukraine (compared to the time before the elections)
There is some deficiency of individual components.

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As seen the weekly news in Holland, here is absolutely no shortage of ammo, at least not the illegal stuff…


No problem with loaded ammunition in New Zealand, powder is in short supply.

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Interesting is that where you’re located in Holland?

Southwestern part of Holland, near Rotterdam. Remind, Holland is not as big as the USA, and you only may have firearms with a permit when you are sportshooting or a hunter. Or collector. But there are a lot of rules to get or have them. Yesterdaymorning there was a shooting again.

No shortages here in Norway either. I guess also because many shooting competitions and trainings have been canselled, so the use has been a lot lower than usual. It’s still possible to shoot, and organized training are still done, but with limited capacity. Hopefully we will be up and shooting as usual over the summer.


The problem with the ammunition “shortages” in the U.S.A. is twofold.
[John Moss, you will remember some of these, having managed a gun store.]

First, the thousands of people who bought new firearms last year, (theoretically due to C-19), and earlier this year, (due to the new president and vice president who are avid gun-banners), have put a strain on supply.

Second, the panic buying is going on for every other reason, but one: Remeber Your Yesterdays, Think Past Tomorrow!

We have seen this low availability/high demand panic buying at least seven times since 1980 that I can remember, (counting both Federal and sseveral State changes), when a new law, or even the threat of a proposed law, has sent people in a panic to stores for ammunition.
This is where the “thinking” part stops.

In every case I have waited untill the panic is over and prices lowered and stabilized [no gouging because there is plenty to go around] and I go to every gun store I can get to and buy as much as my bank account will allow me to.

With the thought of ’Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it’ mentality, I have not suffered any shortage of ammunition for any caliber firearm I have owned, since 1978, or thereabouts.

Bass Pro in western Canada a few weeks ago.
Similar situation as noted above, buying ammo requires a license so that eliminates random buyers.

However, as much of the ammo is US made, we will be facing shortages and big price jumps soon.

No ammo shortages in Argentina, maybe lack of reloading components like imported primers and specific powders. With the lockdown almost all shooting ranges closed, tournaments suspended, hunting trips limited. The only shortage in my country is MONEY…LOL.


Only can say, box of cci mini mag at usd 35 the few still for sale in gun shops…
About the other shortages no comment,as will infringe the rules here…


I get lists of surplus ammuntion that are available from around the globe. There seems to be no difference in the quantity or amount or age of surplus Eastern Bloc ammo avaialble right now. The largest stock pile from a list this week is 20M rounds with an unknown age - assume recent. There are still stock piles from the 1970’s. One list with 80+ line items had 18 line items of things either from 1970, or part of the lot was from 1970’s. For example it says 1971 to 1982 for YOM.

However, the prices have surged. A few years ago one could buy older surplus or new production larger order 7.62x39 for $.15 each. Now I am seeing prices as high as mid-thirty cents range now for the same items.


Sure due to the supply of non state actors by western countries to places where “democratic uprise” is happening all of a sudden. A new kind of warfare a la “inspire the locals and let them do the job” and when the legal govt is exhausted they come in and play the self-imposed peace keeper and bewarer of humanity (and oil).
This kind of ops requires “surplus” made by others (to keep it un-tracable).

I’m not sure this plan of attack is much different than CIA of the 1950’s and 1960’s. I was not alive, however what I read and watch seems to indicate this was the POA. Was not the OSS doing the same in WWII?

I think these stockpiles, which are typically very heavy in Eastern Bloc items, might have more to say about the Soviet ambitions in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. They were funding all kinds of activities and prodcution, however we are getting into territory that I don’t know much. There are a few items with an age late as 1993, however there is a gap from 1994 until 2016, where none of the items are in this age range. That is also a factor of this ammo age still being in a “normal service” age range.

Looking forward to St. Louis. I’m driving over in the morning.