Ammo availability in countries outside the USA?

I agree that the kind of warfare is not all that new and as you say is predating my existance.
Back in the 1950s-1960s I guess there was enough German surplus which was untracable. Maybe the reason why the USSR maintained extremely huge stocks of. We see that today where they are marketing these WW2 stocks on a commercial level - after 75 years!
The large stocks from before 1990 are for the reason you implied: the cold war.
The following “lack” is because of reduction and stoppage of production and large stockpiles which are depleting in the past 10 years, in particular because of the manyfold conflicts around the globe (and also some disposal that has taken place before this). And today we see rising production and un-mothballing and new facilities in many countries.
I hope this is no precursor for the coming decades but fear that I am wrong…

That is very interesting Jay.

Thank for info, would you by chance be willing to share the list you received of the surplus ammunition available around the globe??

Look forward to hearing from you.