Ammo bookends

I know that many of you have a better set of military bookends. Let’s show it to the world!!!

Oooooooo … Mr Malaparte, one of my favourite writers. So lyrical, so spiteful.

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I read Malaparte’s “La Pelle” in French ( Le Peau, The Skin)) during High School; it deals with the ill-starred Invasion of France in 1940 by Italy, along the Riviera and across the Alpes Maritimes.

Curzio Malaparte was an early Fascist, after meritorious service in WW I. But as he developed as a Journalist and Writer, had no qualms about telling the Story straight, and as a result was arrested and internally exiled by the Regime numerous times, right up to the War…he spent a lot of time on the Russian Front (not as a Soldier, but as a Correspondent.). His Sumptuous Villa and Gardens can still be seen on the Isle of Capri ( still used in a lot of Movies even these days.). He eventually became a Member of the Italian Communist Party in the Post-War period, and died of Lung Cancer in 1957 (He was an inveterate smoker, as most Journalists tend to be.)

His books give an insider’s view of corruption, stupidity and incompetence of the Italian Higher commands, from Caporetto to the Russian defeat of the Axis (Italy-Germany) in 1944-45.

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See “Curzio Malaparte” Wikipedia.

Can you provide any info on the origin or history? the ‘notched’ wood style is very reminiscent of Spanish tourist shop bric a brac of the 80s
Spain was a cheap vacation destination in the 70s 80s and 90s for Brits German and Scandinavian tourists.

Strangely a lot of the firearms related bric a brac was sold and it was fully functional and capable of being fired. Cannons, muzzle loading pistols and the like. When I first went to Spain in the 70s there were still stalls in the markets selling rifles, Mausers and old Remington single shots from their civil war. How many people in Britain who bought “ornaments” in those days realise they are looking at a mandatory jail sentence just for having them on their wall?

Hi Doc! having been to the Isle of Capri I was sorry to have missed your man, never heard of him but will google him and see what I can find, thanks for the tip

Vince, I just got it at a gun show, I don’t know anything about these bookends but there are many of this kind on eBay.