Ammo box ID ( 45 HP)

Could someone ID the maker of the 45 HP ammo in the picture?

Since it is 45 HP ammo that could be Hirtenberger or Geco

Pivi, it looks like a Fiocchi Practical Shooting box. I’ll post pictures of a similar box in the following days.

I don’t remember this box type by Fiocchi…should be quite “old” ( +20 years)

…I am too young!

I mentioned Geco because later boxes have a similar shooter drawing

Hope it helps.


Pivi & Dutch - I have never seen one of these practical shooting boxes in my life. Winderful. Don’t think I even have a cartridge like that. Pivi - how do you know, from that tiny picture, that the cartridge is .45 HP and not .45 Auto? I would think that this Practical Shooting box predates the .45 HP cartridge? Of course, I don’t really know that - the style of the box just looks “regressive” compared to the Fiocchi boxes of the last 20 years of so - since as I said, It is a box I was totally unfamiliar with.

John, it’s a pleasure to have you back, un saludo grande mi amigo!

@ Pivi. For the age… The box has a C.I.P.
Perhaps it helps a little.


it is a picture from an article about clandestine weapons found by Carabinieri.
It is written that they found a box of 45 HP ammo.

Yes, the box is quite old because:

1- 45 HP ammo appeared ca. 1985
2- Practical shooting was called “Tiro pratico” when it first appeared in Italy, then it became known as “Tiro Dinamico”.
The mentioned IPSC association was born in 1986 and, in 1989 became FITDS ( Federazione Italiana Tiro Dinamico Sportivo). So we could date this box ca. 1986 - 1989

I started buying italian gun magazines in 1991 ( I was 11 years old) and I have never seen this box in any italian magazine

Note that there could be two variations of this box, with Minor and Major loadings

wonderful box!

Pivi, I still can’t find a picture or the box itself, but the one I saw was marked “Type Major Power Floor 200000” and the rounds were FMJ SWC.