Ammo brass knuckles

I took a picture of this at a show, someone must want it…

Yea, I have seen them at gun shows for around $20 and up. I had thought of buying one a time or two but just do not need more trinkets.

Hm…definitely prohibited weapon. In Belgium, of course. Only collectors with a special license can acquire them.

Same in Germany.

Also prohibited in California, although they seem to tolerate original military ones in collections (but NOT if you are found carrying it, whether concealed or not, and whether in an urban or primitive area). I do not know of any license that allows these knives at all in California, which has just as “heavy” knife laws as it does firearms laws.

Also in Australia (Prohibited Import federally, and State Prohibition except for Movie Ordnance and Collectors with “M” endorsement (Martial Arts Implements)

Doc AV

In italy a gun license is required to buy brass knuckles, it must be registered to police and it can’t be carried around

It also can’t be imported, unless you have a collector license for historical weapons

Well, it only has 7 rounds so it should be NY legal.

Go ahead, rub it in Jon, LOL ! This state stinks with the stupid laws ( Cuomo ) that have come to pass !!! M. Rea

NY Safe Act 2 is standing by for your enjoyment if you are a NY resident. … reelected/

Ammunition coding is one of at least 10 new additions to the already existing oppression.