Ammo caliber question

Hello, I’m new here and was wondering if I may ask for a little help from the forum. I have a few boxes of the rounds pictured. Can someone lend some guidance as to what kind of rounds these are? Any help would be appreciated. Since I am new (first post) I can only post 1 picture. If any further information is needed, I can do whatever it takes to get it…thank you in advance for any help given.


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Israeli, 1954 date, 7,9 x57 (Mauser) 170gn. Bullet, lead core, gilding metal (95/5 Cu-Zn) jacket,
Made by Israeli Military Industries,
Cases are Boxer single-flash-hole, with standard Large Rifle Primer, corrosive compound ( contains Potassium Chlorate).
Powder is Olin( Winchester) type
Ball double based powder, (
Called IMI655).
Fairly common 40 years ago, uncommon now.
20 round packet.
Other IAA posters can translate the Hebrew…I just recognize it!

Doc AV

Thank you very much for your reply, very much appreciated. I have some boxes that are still sealed and some that are open as you see in the picture. I don’t have a firearm that takes this round so I was just wondering what I could do with them…maybe sell them to someone…thanks for your time and knowledge.

Doc knows the Aussie market, but those boxes are not uncommon in the US, but found at most medium to large gun shows.
The headstamp is actually (right to left) MYT, for Factory for the Production of Ammunition, not IMI.

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